Young Mediators for inclusion

The YMI Project finds ways to include autistic people in the community

The goal of our project is to improve 

the social inclusion of autistic people.

Social inclusion means that people with 

intellectual disabilities can access 

the same community activities as other people.

Our project partners created a list of 

good practices for social inclusion.

A good practice is an 

accepted way of doing something.

To find good practices, 

project partners did a literature review.

A literature review is a document with information 

that already exists on a topic.

Project partners also had meetings with autistic people, family members of autistic people 

and autism experts.

A good practice is understanding the barriers 

for inclusion that autistic people face.

A good practice is trying to remove barriers 

so autistic people can have equal opportunities.

A good practice is involving autistic people 

in projects and activities.

A good practice is involving policy-makers, companies, institutions, NGOs and general society in projects and activities.

A good practice is showing positive experiences.

A good practice is promoting the role of 

the mediators for inclusion.

A mediator for inclusion is someone who 

helps include autistic people in community activities.

A good mediator is understanding and patient.

A good mediator is available to help 

at certain times and places when they are needed.

A good mediator helps autistic people 

learn ways to participate in activities.

A good mediator has great social skills.

A good mediator works with 

the families of autistic people.

The next step of the project is to 

design a course for the mediators for inclusion.

The course will teach young people 

to be good mediators.

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