Young Mediators for inclusion

The YMI project was presented at an online event

On October 24, the YMI first results of the project were shared at a webinar.

A webinar is an online event that people attend.

The webinar was hosted by Inovar Autismo.

Inovar Autismo is a project partner of YMI from Portugal.

The webinar was about human rights.

200 people from Europe and around the world attended the webinar.

There were 27 speakers at the webinar.

Some of the speakers were autistic people.

4 topics were discussed at the webinar.

The first topic was about autistic people’s right to live the way they want and live on their own.

The second topic was about a new project to promote and develop human rights.

We called The Human Rights KIT.

The third topic was about the YMI project and inclusion.

The fourth topic was about public policies from the government on education and employment.

People who attended the webinar said that they learned a lot.

You may need help to read the programme (it is not easy to read).

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