“SEMINARY NATIONAL YMI” Erasmus +, Young Mediators for Inclusion of people with autism

Presentation of the Project YMI and Perspectives for the future, 30 noviembre 2021 Burgos

The National Seminar was held online, due to the pandemic situation. A total of  48 participants attended the Seminar.

We presented the Project, objectives, target audience, development and results so far, inlcuding Literature review, Focus groups with Autistic people and Focus Group with Families, Exeprt round table, Collaborative Design of the courses, Implementation of the courses, Internships and Evaluation, with special attention to the first- person testimonies of all the people involved in the Project.

The second part of the Seminar provided a discussion about the Mediation for Inclusion and Perspectives or the future, with the participation of experts from the University, National Agency, Private Association and Foundation, City Council and Diversity Service.

The Closing session included the virtual Delivery of certificates of the courses I and II for Mediators and Technicians, the Satisfaction Questionnaires for parents, and the presentation of Conclusions of the Seminar collected.

The Cultural moment was a Session video presenting inclusion demonstration ot people with autism, their artistic works and their activities of social inclusion, inlcuding a video made by themselves showing the winning of a prize in an IT competition.

Testimonies of Families and Mediators show the satisfaction and success about the Seminar and the activities developped:

“congratulations for this fantastic congress, it even made me short”

“to tell the truth, I hesitated to participate because of the workload I had, but now I can say that I´m really satisfied to have participated”

“it has been a very enriching experience, and there has been coordination at all times”


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