Diversamente ODV

The, Associazione Diversamente ODV, founded on 31 July 2007 at the behest of some parents of people with autism and autism spectrum disorders, has the main objective of improving the quality of life of people with autism and their families through the promotion in institutional offices and society of dissemination and the concrete application of the “Card of the Rights of Autistic Persons”.

The Association promotes and supports all initiatives deemed suitable to improve the forms of care and treatment of autistic people, to increase knowledge about autism and to spread more awareness and greater respect for the specific needs of autistic people. The Association is a non-profit organization that has operated in Sardinia (Italy) since 2007. As required by the statute, it includes parents, guardians, family members and all those people who work with people with autism. We work with the main objective of ensuring the promotion of quality life for people with autism and their families by achieving the right to study, proper placement and any other means to rehabilitate and integrate people with autism into the Society. We are trying to spread the institutions community have increased awareness about their specific needs. The Association represents a reference point for families with a component with autism from the territory. Collaborates with the association in 100 volunteers and paid employees (psychologists, educators, teachers, social workers) varies between 20 and 30 units, depending on ongoing activities and projects.


Diversamente ODV

Diversamente ODV- Via Caterina Segurana n.12 – 09134 Pirri, Cagliari (CA)

Tel: +39 333 8944791

Email: info@diversamenteonlus.org

Website: https://diversamenteonlus.org/ 

Pierangelo Cappai

Pierangelo is a experienced Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Strong education professional skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Foreign Languages, Lecturing, Public Speaking, and Training. He is currently the President of Diversamente ODV.

Marcellina Spiga

Marcellina is the Vice President of Diversamente ODV.


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