“Although we are able to do many things on our own, we need some extra support in many other things”
Who are you?

I am Rafael García Carrillo, I am 17 years old and I am from Spain. I am a first year student of a Double Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering at the University of Burgos.

Tell us about your experience and needs relating to the need of a mediator

In some contexts, for example in high school, I would have liked to have had a mediator to help me to socialize, to organize my stuff, to talk to the teachers… even if the association Autism Burgos has helped me a lot, it would have been nice to have someone that people can trust.

Why are you interested in the YMI project?

Because, even if I didn’t have the opportunity to have someone to help me in high school, I would be glad if some people could have that opportunity. And I would like that, in the future, there will be a mediator at the places I go, so and I wouldn’t feel obliged to always depend on my family.

Why do you think that it is necessary to create the role of a young mediator for autism?

Because although we are able to do many things on our own, we need some support in many others things.

What would be the project’s most valuable information/tool/result for you?

To have support at every stage of life in matters involving administrative tasks (school, town hall, university, tax matters…), and to carry out any other task that is easy for everyone except people on the autism spectrum.


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