“A happy journey through life” – Young Mediators for Inclusion project partners joined Autism-Europe’s campaign for World Autism Awareness Day 2022

On April 2 was World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). On that occasion all other partners of the Erasmus+ project Young Mediators for Inclusion (YMI) joined  Autism-Europe in an awareness raising campaign with its member organisations dedicated to “A happy journey through life”.

At the heart of Autism-Europe’s current campaign is promoting the needs and wishes of autistic people and their families with regard to key issues such as access to personal choice, education and employment. The campaign is also indicating that adequate support for inclusion in the community, independent living and access to health are vital to ultimately improve quality of life of children and adults on the autism spectrum. This illustrates that a holistic approach is needed across the lifespan to ensure autistic people can live happy and fulfilling lives.

During their transnational partners meeting the beginning of April in Sardinia, Italy, partners got ready to join the campaign.

The project Young Mediators for Inclusion where Autism-Europe joined partners from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece, aimed to improve the inclusion of people on the autism spectrum in the community. This was successfully achieved by training young mediators that assist young autistic people to participate in non-formal or extracurricular activities. After all, inclusion in the communities leads to a better quality of life of autistic people in line with their “happy journeys through life.”

The project results including a guide how to properly include autistic people in the communities will be presented at an international seminar later that year.

Please stay tuned.


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